First Steps


Fifth Routine

So I decided to use some of my Physical Education program exercises for this just because they are related to fitness as well and they help actually with the whole body. I decided to follow these exercises through for 1 minute each and a 3 minute break between every 3 reps.

Hope you enjoy!


Rope Skipping

Weight Shifts

Swiss Ball Crunch (if you have a big yoga ball handy)

Dynamic core plank series

Curl up pumps


Kneeling side kick


As you can tell, these are also some pilates exercises who help strengthen the core. When the core is strengthened, you have a wide range of balance in your body already.

Hope it helped ☺️


Nutrition for the future

Hey guys I found some tips that might help you guide yourself into a healthier lifestyle ☺️

The main tips that should be in your mind are mixing food categories, it is best to eat a salad or something during the day and not in the evening.

Don’t mix any carbohydrates with red meat either.

It is best to have a yoghurt a day, and avoid drinking milk.

Don’t eat your dessert right after your meal

It is best to eat fruits on an empty stomach

It is better to eat raw foods over packaged foods!

These tips are really easy to plant in your daily eating plan and you will feel healthier in no time ☺️

*the information is found on many websites in the internet if you want to find out more.


Fourth Routine

I found some exercises from a Pilates course that I’d like to share which are good for the legs and the core, which works for the exercise plan I have in mind that effects the abs.

Kneeling Side Kick – 30 seconds each

Double leg stretch – 30 seconds

Crunch hundred – 100 arm pumps

For that exercise you go in the position of crunches but instead of moving your upper body to your knees you stretch out your arms to your legs and lift them up and down for 100 pumps.

Side leg series – 30 seconds each side

Hope this interests you, since Pilates seems to be quite in right now.


Sugar Free Week

I tried this one week where I haven’t eaten any sugar, due to the fact of my personal health with my skin and there was an improvement, and I am planning to fit in one week every month where I just don’t eat any sugar as in candy and soft drinks just so the body can have a break. I want to share some tips with you on how I managed to not eat any sugar.

Basically you try to find the sweetness in fruits and have that instead. I personally only drink water too so avoiding the soft drinks was quite easy for me. Since I still go to school, they provide a warm meal and they also have a salad bar. I just either had a small portion of what they had like asian noodles without the sweet and sour sauce or meat with mash potatoes and veggies aside. Other days when I wasn’t as hungry, I just took a small bowl of a salad but had a big meal for dinner that was balanced like the food I posted previously.

The other tip that I have is just really do it for your body, because it needs a break too and always think of the great results while staying fit too. Im not saying that you have to do it, I am just sharing my experience and you can do whichever you like and what makes you feel better after just one week of calming down with the sugar intake.

Or, you can just think of it as a new years resolution ☺️


Third Routine

Here are some exercises to build up your shoulders with and without weights, which also go into your arms.

Table push ups – 30 seconds

Overhand press – 30 seconds (with weights)

Front raises – 30 seconds (with weights)

Side Plank – 30 seconds

Chest press – 60 seconds

Arm circles – 30 seconds each side

I havent posted too many just so your body will get used to it because mine personally hasn’t but if you’re more advanced then try and do the exercise one minute each.



This is a little throwback to when I was at my grandparents house and I was riding all day. I just wanted to quickly put out what I was eating to fill up my body with the nutrients I needed to stay on my feet all day.

This was something my grandma did which was a quite balanced meal.

The meat is there for the protein,

Then the savoy is the ‘green’ in your balanced meal and help antioxidants and help the muscles in your body to recover,

The potatoes are there for carbs to burn throughout the day.



Volleyball Tournament






This Weekend I was out with the school Volleyball team in Stuttgart and we won 3rd place. It was a tough weekend due to the fact that we had to play 3 games a day not knowing our opponents so we had to be ready for anything. Although we lost our first game, we still had the chance o be 1st, which we almost managed. When we played against the tournament host team in the semi finals, it was a really close game by 2 points. Everyones pulse was over 200, yet we tried our best and fought for it. then in the game playing for 3rd and 4th place, it was a really close game too. We started off really strong but of course we lost focus a couple of times because we were tired from the previous game and a little hit by it too that we didn’t get into the finals.

Anyhow, the tournament overall was a great experience for all of us and the trophy a good win to end the season!



Second Routine

Next up we can work ourselves to the abdominals after the legs and I really hope this routine inspires you all to get up since these exercises can be done at home and they are really effective! The exercises are also all well known so have a go at them!

Reverse crunches – 30 seconds

Ball pass (or pillow) – 30 seconds

Lower leg lifts – 30 seconds

Side plank – 15 seconds each

Sitting twists (also known as Russian Twists) – 30 seconds

You could mainly do about 3 reps of these and do these as often as you feel like in the week and you will see your abs in no time! When you want to challenge yourself more, feel free to increase the seconds. NEVER FORGET to always drink fluids to replace it in your body. Make sure to also just give your body 48 hour rest and maybe focus on another routine the next day!



First Routine

I have done a little research on the exercises that could be followed through for legs, which help to tone up your legs and get them fit for any sports! Most of the exercises are known very well so they won’t be very complicated to do them.

calf raises – 30 seconds

Plieé squats – 30 seconds

Lunges – 30 seconds

Leg extensions – 30 seconds

Squats with weights  – 60 seconds

Leg curls with medicine ball – 30 seconds

Fire hydrants – 60 seconds (30 seconds each)


The food that would help build up muscle are very easy to make and they are delicious. I personally tried the grilled chicken and salad and its a perfect meal because the green colored vegetables help antioxidants and recover muscles in the body. White meat in the meal is there for the protein. For breakfast you can chose between oatmeal and fruits. Both are very very effective!

The most important recovery is always replacing the fluids in your body, by drinking lots of water after exercising and eat proteins and carbohydrates in the next 60 minutes after exercising, especially when you’re in the process of building up muscles. One of the very important methods of recovery is stretching. It is important to stretch dynamic and static, so your muscles are stretched to the fullest at the end of exercising so they don’t cramp up and they can grow more.

The good thing about leg day is that you can interpret an exercise in your daily routine. Instead of taking the elevator, just take the stairs! Make sure you lean forward a little and and your back is kept straight and you’re all set!



Horse Riding


here’s a bit about me in horse riding. I have been riding all my life and it runs in the family. My grandfather always took me to riding places until 2007 he took me where I started riding properly. I go there every holiday since. I basically work there all day long feeding horses, misting stalls, and of course riding. in the mornings I usually get to go into the forest with my horse, that I bought in 2010, and go with another group of people to just enjoy and relax. In the afternoon I get a riding lesson for about an hour with breaks and pauses for the horse and I. I have been doing this constantly that I am about to ride L-Level of dressage.
My horse is practically a pony and I did try to jump with her but we both rather stick to dressage. here are some photos that my friend took in fall break.
the first day i came I could already feel the muscle pain, but I just kept riding because even just sitting on and keeping the horse moving effects a lot of muscles in your leg. controlling the horse takes a lot of arm and shoulder muscles and gives you automatically a straight back and a good posture. Since I always have long breaks when I ride, it was weird for my muscles to be used again that I don’t use in volleyball as much. This week helped me a lot for my body, and also to just get my head free and focus on one of the things I truly love.


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